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Reproduction process

The Hercules Reproduction service enables us to produce exact aerodynamic copies of existing propellers This is of particular interest to classic aircraft owners, restorers and replica builders who require a high level of authenticity by having the ‘correct’ propeller for their aircraft.


Utilising a bespoke Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), our craftspeople take existing propellers, even damaged sections, from which they create a 3D computer model. The model is then used to reproduce an exact copy of the propeller using our state of the art CNC machinery.

During the First World War, many propellers were produced from Honduras Mahogany, a species of wood well known for its stability and strength, and at the time readily available.


Today there is an ban on importing Honduras Mahogany into the UK – it’s an endangered rainforest wood. In order to produce true reproductions of those First World War propellers, from the correct wood species, we have source our wood from alternative places.


It turns out that in Victorian times, many churches had their pews made out of big slabs of our now endangered mahogany – which we are now transforming into propellers. It has to be cut to length, width and thickness very carefully, and also have samples tested for strength and brittleness (which we do in-house).


Once prepared and fully checked for imperfections, the pews get made into a laminated blank in the same way as our prepared beech, from which a propeller can then be born.

Classic propellers created from original drawings

Not only can we design propellers from scratch or directly copy from originals, but here at Hercules we take great pride in also being able to recreate propellers from original drawings when available.

Original decals re-created

True reproduction propellers not only need to be exact aerodynamic copies but often have the original manufacturer’s decals and accurate, period font stamping on the hub.


At Hercules we leave no stone un-turned – for absolute authenticity we can re-create original manufacturers decals.


Are you restoring a historic aircraft? Are you building an authentic replica? Do you have a favourite propeller from another manufacturer that’s become unairworthy?

Original stamping re-created

Our hub stamps are genuine period, hand-cut steel serif stamps, identical to those used on original first world war propellers.

BA Swallow

Gipsy Moth

Bucker Bestmann

Fournier RF4

De Havilland Gipsy III powered Puss Moth

Polikarpov Po-2

Lang LA604 Tiger Moth

Alatus Self-launching Glider

Let us re-create your piece of history

Sopwith Pup

Reproduction propellers


Honduras mahogany for historic reproductions

Lang LA10 propeller for a JAP powered Aeronca C3

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