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Clear lacquered finishes showing

off the natural beauty of wood

Only the very highest quality wood is used in our propellers and many of our customers like it to be seen, which is why our clear varnished propellers are best sellers.

We use a tough polyester lacquer to protect our clear propellers, giving them an extremely hard wearing and high gloss ‘shell’ with excellent UV resistance, that also remains flexible to allow for the natural movement of the wood without cracking.

Immaculate painted finishes

If you’re after a touch of colour, or your aeroplane just wouldn’t look quite right with a wood finish, we also create the most beautiful painted finishes for our propellers.

As standard we offer black, white and grey as paint options, with either white, red, blue or yellow tips (or no tip paint at all).

Standard colours

Propeller Finish Options

Clear Varnished Beech

Gloss Grey

Gloss White

Gloss Black

Satin Black


Tip Colours:







Anti-glare matt black on rear of the blades

See our full price list including all engine types and bespoke options

Unique custom finishes

If you’re after something special, something unique, something to exactly match your aeroplane we understand. We will happily paint your propeller any colour you like at a small additional cost – we can use designated paint codes or even provide direct colour matches from samples brought or sent to us – this also goes for our painted tip colours.

From gorgeous wet look deep gloss propellers, to classic works of art with the best of both worlds – a varnished hub and custom colour painted blades and tips, we can create a truly unique masterpiece for you and your aircraft, just ask!

Custom finish options

Custom Options - Please enquire and let us create what you have imagined.

See our full price list including all engine types and bespoke options

Finished Propellers



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