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We can also produce commemorative items, such as memorials or trophies, such as this ‘broken propeller’ piece commissioned as a memorial to all the British RFC aircrew who lost their lives during the first world war.

Manufactured from pure African Sapele Mahogany, each of our display propellers is completely unique, with its own incredible wood grain patterns stunningly shown off.​

You can buy now a decorative Bristol Scout propeller in our shop

Replica world war one Bristol Scout propeller

Mahogany Replica

Propellers are beautiful objects, deliberately created to be aerodynamically efficient and as a by-product also being objects of mathematical, curved beauty.

We appreciate the aesthetic of our creations, which is why we also manufacture some of our propellers purely for decoration.

Either simply wall mounted (with our supplied bracket) stood carefully in the corner of a room, a decorative Hercules propeller makes for a real conversation starter in any home, office, hotel or bar… or a unique gift for any aviation enthusiast.


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