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Here at Hercules, we believe in beauty. We don’t believe in “it’ll just have to do”.

If your propeller is looking a bit tired, the paint is faded, the edges are tatty, there are chips in the lacquer, scuffs round the hub, or you just fancy a colour change – we can fix that for you!

In cases of minor damage, you might find we can fix that for you too (although not always – each case must be assessed individually).

We work with all wooden fixed-pitch propellers for Permit/Experimental types, no matter who the original manufacturer was as well as some propellers for Certified types.

The process

  1. Get your propeller to us. We can arrange packaging materials and collection if needed. If you would prefer to drop your propeller in to us yourself, visits can be arranged by appointment.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  2. An initial inspection will be carried out to assess viability of the refurbishment process (in some cases with damaged propellers, refurbishment simply isn’t an option and they must be classed as non-airworthy).

  3. We will remove any existing paint and/or varnish.

  4. Next the propeller will be fully inspected for any damage, decay and structural stability. We will be in touch immediately should any issues be discovered.

  5. Any issues will be rectified and the propeller re-finished in a scheme of your choice (if you would like a change of colour we can do that)

  6. The final step is for us to precision balance the propeller.



As keen aviators ourselves, we are aware of the need to minimise aircraft down-time and as such our lead-time for refurbishment is 2 weeks.


In urgent cases we may be able to turn around in just a week – please ask us.

Refurbishment prices

£650.00 –  all fixed pitch wooden propellers


£75.00 – return packaging and shipping - UK

Orders within the uk are subject to 20% VAT


Every propeller that passes through our shop is precisely balanced before dispatch

Refurbished propellers made by other manufacturers


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