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Hercuthane bullet-proof and

erosion resistant leading edges

As aviators ourselves, with a varied background of all different kinds of flying, from touring to glider towing and advanced aerobatics, we at Hercules understand the rigours of flying and the toll many hours of use at high speeds, in bad weather and on questionable runway surfaces takes on a propeller.


The Polyurethane used in the Hercuthane system is exceptionally impact and abrasion resistant, as well as being extremely flexible – meaning it will never crack or break, nor will it ever be eroded by rain or hail. It will also never dent or fatigue like metal leading edge systems do.

Fitted as standard to all our propellers (the only exceptions being those requested to have classic brass or copper), Hercuthane leading edges are not painted over, simply given a coat of clear lacquer. We believe that with no paint to erode or chip, the system avoids the ‘tatty’ cosmetic effect so regularly seen when a propeller is flown through bad weather or just through prolonged use. Hercuthane keeps your propeller looking in perfect condition.

We are so confident in our system we call it bulletproof. We even had an expert marksman shoot a sample of the urethane with his rifle and guess what? It really is bulletproof!


No other leading edge system offers this level of protection.

Bullet proof leading edge protection

In our refurbishment department we see rain damage, insect damage, stone chips, paint loss and corrosion on metal leading edges – all things that made us think about how we could best protect our own propellers.  The ‘Hercuthane’ bulletproof leading edge system was therefore designed and developed

After many experiments with different materials and construction methods, bonding into the blank a hot cast polyurethane edge that is then machined as an integral part of the propeller itself became by far the most reliable and resilient choice.


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