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2024 prices

Our propellers are priced according to which group your aircraft's engine falls into.

Group A: £1500.00

Group B: £2100.00

Group C: £2600.00

Group D: £3300.00

Group E: £ Please enquire

£50.00 – Custom (non-standard) blade colour

£40.00 – Custom partial blade paint scheme

£30.00 – Custom (non-standard) tip colour

£90.00 – Aluminium crush plate

£ Please enquire  – Classic metal leading edges

Refurbishment prices

£750 – All fixed pitch wooden propellers


£250 -  Release certificate surcharge, if required for Certified aircraft



£85.00 – Packaging and delivery (UK mainland)

£P.O.A – Packaging and delivery (International)

All quoted prices are in British Pounds (GBP).

Orders from within the UK are subject to 20% VAT.

Orders from outside the UK are not subject to VAT.

A deposit of £200 is required prior to the design and manufacture of any propeller.

Full payment is required before a propeller will be dispatched.

Our propellers are normally dispatched within 6 weeks of ordering, however lead times do vary. Please enquire when ordering – urgent cases can be expedited.

Group A

All VW derivatives, including Limbach, Aerovee, Acro, Great Plains, Sauer and Revmaster

Jabiru 2200

Rotax 447/503/582

UL260 Series

Verner Scarlet 3


Group B

UL350 Series

Jabiru 3300


Rotax 912/914 Series

Continental A65/A75/C85/C90/O-200/O-240

Lycoming O-145/O-235

Walter Mikron


Verner Scarlet 5

UL 350 Series


Group C

Continental O-300

Lycoming O-290/O-320/O-360

Jabiru 5100

Rotec 2800

Verner Scarlet 7

UL 390 Series

UL 520 Series

Franklin O-335/6A Series 


Group D

Gipsy Major Series

Blackburn Cirrus Minor and Major

Renault 4P



Walter LOM


Group E

For all other types, including First World War historic aircraft, pricing, design and manufacturing options can be discussed on an individual case basis.


All non-aircraft applications (such as fans and fan blades for wind tunnels) will require individual discussion and pricing.

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