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Welcome to Hercules Propellers

We are modern-day craftspeople with a passion for all things aviation, creating beautiful working propellers for unique and special aircraft all over the world. Our work drives aircraft as varied as First World War fighters to performance touring aircraft, Spitfire fighters to the latest electric powered aircraft.

Working with state of the art, in-house custom built computer controlled machinery and bespoke aerodynamic design software, we imagine, design, create and craft the most uniquely tailored propellers in the world.

From unique designs to fit individual pilot’s performance requirements for their own individual aircraft, to the faithful reproduction of historic designs, we pride ourselves on our art. Every creation that leaves our hands is as beautiful as it is capable.

Technology and Tradition

Established in 2008, Hercules Propellers started out as the brain-child of company founder and owner, Rupert Wasey.

In the years since Rupert crafted the company’s very first propeller, things have gone from strength to strength, with hundreds of different propellers having been born in the factory, and hundreds more sent in, refurbished and restored to things of beauty.

Now Hercules Propellers is enjoying great success and is able to boast stunning performance results through employing a highly skilled team. The company produces propellers for a wide variety of types, from First World War fighters all the way through to composite speed and racing machines.

Our team of experienced and exceptional craftspeople have established the company as the world’s real ‘go-to’ manufacturer for all pilots and aircraft operators in need of the highest possible quality and performance propellers.

The Hercules Ethos

Every unique aircraft design requires a uniquely designed propeller. Enhanced by the very highest standards of manufacture and finishing with state of the art technology, complemented by traditional craftsmanship. Customer satisfaction is paramount.

High Performance Propellers -  Merging Technology and Tradition

Design - Manufacture - Refurbishment - Overhaul

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